Sites that have helped to build my content at one time or another:
the Velvets

She's Gone Andromeda
Providing gorgeous images for use in art.

here. in my head - my tribute to Tori Amos
This site speaks for itself. Go there.

t o r i p h o r i a

the Dent
How could you do anything tori-ish without the Dent?

The ToriFile: Visions of Sound

Through the Portal
This Midi archive was amazing.

Not Enough Sky
Wonderful quality stills even before the DVDs.

Folks who have contributed images:
Kochie Studios
Thank you Pat and Tom!

Safe in the Frame
Thanks for letting me adapt several of your images.

Road Side Cafe and Drifts Get Deeper Advent Calendar
Thank you Cassie for your wonderful holiday images.

Lisa Albinger Art
Thanks to Lisa for her Tori inspired holiday images.

need's tori sheet music, sounds, and a link to the Christmas Calendar!
Thanks to patrick/need for the beautiful collage image that is now in Just Because 2.

sweet alyssum
Thanks to Violet for all the wonderful images!

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